Affiliate Program Toolkit

Everything you need to start + grow an affiliate program - in a box.
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to your Toolkit
Before you dive into the Toolkit, you're going to want to do a bit of preparation!
⚑ Introduction to your Toolkit
5 mins
⚑ Lightning Track: Your MVP affiliate program path
⚑ Your roadmap to the Toolkit
1.79 MB
How to use the Affiliate Program Toolkit
3 mins
⚑ Join the Facebook Group
5 mins
⚑ Join the Referral-Worthy Ecosystem
🏰 Housekeeping
⚑ Office Hours
Become an affiliate of the Affiliate Program Toolkit!
✏️ Start With Your Affiliate Strategy
Create a personalised affiliate strategy for your product to set yourself up for affiliate success!
⚑ My #1 mindset shift
5 mins
⚑ Step-by-step strategy guide (PDF Workbook)
14.8 MB
The Workbook Walkthrough: Setting your goals
5 mins
Pre-program preparation checklist
1.86 MB
⚑ The Workbook Walkthrough: Affiliate tech options
17 mins
⚑ Affiliate Commissions Calculator
13 mins
⚑ The Workbook Walkthrough: Setting up your program
13 mins
Step-by-step strategy guide (Google Doc)
How to use the strategy guide in Google
5 mins
[Guest Contribution] How your Myers-Briggs type affects your strategy
688 KB
😎 Set Up Your Systems
⚑ Affiliate welcome sequence
⚑ Automated post-purchase invite
⚑ Affiliate management spreadsheet
How to use the affiliate management spreadsheet
19 mins
Done-for-you workflows
How to use the workflows in Asana
8 mins
[Guest Contribrution] Affiliate Sign-Up Page template
Affiliate Sign-Up Page Inspiration
🎨 Affiliate Assets
Time to create your promotional assets so affiliates have everything they need to promote!
⚑ The Workbook Walkthrough: Creating your promotional pack
14 mins
⚑ The Guide To Writing Buzz-Building Affiliate Swipe Copy
5.05 MB
⚑ Plug-and-play promotional packet
10 mins
⚑ [Guest Contribution] Promotional graphic templates
4 mins
Full affiliate promotional pack
Affiliate Hub Template in Notion
Basil & Bark affiliate welcome packet template
9 mins
πŸ’Œ Affiliate Outreach
How to research, reach out to, and organise all your affiliates!
The Workbook Walkthrough: Affiliate outreach
26 mins
⚑ Outreach email templates
Introduction to outreach tutorials
4 mins
How to find affiliates on Instagram
20 mins
How to find affiliates on Pinterest
10 mins
How to find affiliates on iTunes
10 mins
How to find affilates on Google
13 mins
πŸ’Ό Affiliate Program Management
Helpful resources when it comes to ongoing management of your affiliate program!
The Workbook Walkthrough: Managing your affiliate program
14 mins
⚑ Recurring affiliate management tasks guide
82.6 KB
⚑ Affiliate launch planner
2 mins
Affiliate leaderboard
⚑ [Guest Contribution] Working with affiliates on the right side of the law
24 mins
⚑ Affiliate T&Cs and affiliate agreement templates
⚑ [Guest Contribution] Affiliate tax requirements
29 mins
[Guest Contribution] 1099 tracking sheet
62.2 KB
🌈 Advanced Strategies
I'll be adding more bonus advanced strategies and trainings in this section!
Collaboration Planner
18 mins
Affiliate audit tutorial (a.k.a. how to re-engage affiliates in your program)
13 mins
Collaboration training: freebie swaps
14 mins
How to get magical video testimonials (the easy + accessible way)
17 mins
πŸ›  Tech Trainings
I'll be adding tech trainings for affiliate platforms in here! Let me know if you'd like to see anything specific!
ThriveCart: General setup
9 mins
ThriveCart: Affiliate cookies + tracking explained
4 mins
ThriveCart: Editing individual affiliate commissions + payouts
3 mins
ThriveCart: Attributing commissions manually
3 mins
ThriveCart: Adding affiliate agreements
5 mins
ThriveCart: Setting up JV products
7 mins
ThriveCart: Podia automation
7 mins
ThriveCart: Google Sheets automation
6 mins
Tapfiliate: General setup
8 mins
Tapfiliate: Affiliate program settings
12 mins
😍 Bonus Resources
[Guest Contribution] Working with affiliates for your virtual summit
Affiliate Programs for Your Membership Training
49 mins
πŸ’Έ Black Friday Boost (Magical Challenge)
Welcome to the Black Friday Boost challenge! 

We’re in September, which means a few things:

  • Q3 is coming to a close (get ready to be bombarded with planning workshops in Q4 πŸ˜‰)
  • Autumn is around the corner (which means it’s almost hot chocolate season! β˜•)
  • And it’s less than 3 months until Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend! πŸ’°

That’s right, folks! Black Friday is fast approaching and I want to make sure we’re all prepared for it.

Have you started to think about running a Black Friday sale yet?

If not, that’s totally fine. I’d bet my bottom dollar that only a few of us who are ready for the biggest sale event of the year!

This challenge is all about helping you:
  • define your Black Friday offer
  • setting your sale goals
  • keep affiliates in the loop about your sale
  • prepare everything affiliates need to promote
  • decide if you want to run an affiliate competition

Why get involved in the challenge? πŸ€”
You've worked so hard to create an affiliate program - BFCM is a great time to harness their power!
Planning Black Friday promotions is a BEAST and now you have an affiliate program - let's just say it can be a lot to deal with in one weekend.

But I'm here to make it easy 😍

I don't want you to hit November 20th and be like 'oh shit, I should probably do a sale next week' - nope. I'm not letting that happen πŸ™ˆ

The earlier you plan BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday), the better and the earlier you let your affiliates know, the better!

How can I help? πŸ€”

The strategies I'll teach you in this challenge and templates I provide are the exact ones that helped a past client earn over 5-figures from affiliate sales in one Black Friday weekend.

(Plus a little extra because I've learned a *lot* since then!)

I'm in, what's the plan? 😎

Here's how it's going to go down:
  • The Challenge has a primary goal: end the month with your Black Friday affiliate promo planned out
  • Each week we have a micro goal, from defining our Black Friday sale to emailing our affiliates
  • I'll guide you through tools in the Toolkit to help you take action on the challenge (as well as - you guessed it! - templates!!)
Black Friday Boost Challenge Calendar
41.1 KB
Black Friday Roadmap
Black Friday Guide
Emails To Send Affiliates About Black Friday
Promotional Pack Template For Black Friday
Week 1 - Define Your Plan
24 mins
Week 2 - Advanced Affiliate Strategies
22 mins
Week 3 - Creating Your Promo Pack
19 mins
Week 4 - Emailing Your Affiliates
14 mins